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Montessori Design, what is it?

The intention of developing beds that encourage children to be independent is something grounded by the pedagogical method from the Italian Educator Maria Montessori.

The Montessori method has the intention of adapting the child’s environment, according to their needs and capacity of self-development. The fact that children can go up and down the bed alone, have access to their toys and books on a shelf at their reach, it favors the interaction with everything in their environment, always in a safe way, stimulating the growth, development and independence.

The benefits of this method to build your baby’s room are especially related to the child’s development, because the Montessori bedroom helps to:

  • Identify the own child’s limitations;
  • Identify capacities and own abilities;
  • Develop order, coordination and concentration;
  • Stimulate the child’s independence and creativity.

Besides, the Montessori bedroom is a very safe environment that allows that the child creates a bigger sensation of trust and calm, avoiding feelings of anxiety and low self-esteem, common from the growth.

Check our options of beds to free creativity and adopt the Montessori method in your children’s bedroom.